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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project Two: Packaging

Brief G: Redesign

Hygiene is considered a high importance in today’s society. There are many products out on the market which for full the same task in giving you good personal hygiene. Old Spice High Endurance body wash is one of these products. Old Spice High Endurance Body wash is enjoyed by many consumers throughout the world. The distinct features of its ads and products have made it a well know product in today’s market. The brand has set itself apart from competitors through these ads and has taken the product to new heights.
Target market
Redesigning a product like Old Spice deciding on a target market is essential to understand the demographic you are designing for. Old Spice would be aiming their High Endurance range at male’s age from 20 to 30 who would be well off financially, who considered themselves a strong, sporty, energetic, bold and proud and consider their personal hygiene important. Looking at other male and female body wash products as well as Old Spice products including the High Endurance range is important in creating an understanding of what is on the market at the moment and with coming up with a new design for your target market.
The Shape
The target market has a major effect on what the shape of the Old spice High Endurance Body Wash will have at the end of the redesign. Without a shape that attracts your targets market your redesign will be a failure although the product still needs to appeal to the previous uses of the product. The shape of the redesign of High Endurance Body Wash tried to represent the natural shape of the masculine figure, being broad at the top and thinner at the bottom. The broadness at the top of the main area of the bottle represents the upper torso of a male eg. shoulders and chest. This gives the bottle a top heavy shape creating a connection between the user and the bottle. The outer sections of the bottle represent the male arms. This also creates a connection for the user with the bottle by not only giving the user something to grip while using the bottle but these sections of the bottles are thinner material allowing the sides to be squeezed giving the user a sense of power and strength when using the body wash in the shower.

The colour of most of the Old Spice range is a vibrant red. This feature is what makes the product stand out from the rest on the shelves and makes it recognized by its consumers. In the redesign other colours were initially considered but this would then confuse the original users of Old Spice making it difficult for these loyal customers to distinguish their product from others creating a confusion of which body wash to purchase. The distinguishable colour red was still used on the redesign, magma was the main colour of the bottle making it still noticeable for the loyal customers and making it stand out from other products to attract potential new consumers. The arm sections on the outer parts of the bottles body are a Delft Blue on the model although this was not the preferred colour for the bottle but because of the paint supply there was no chance to have this changed. The actual colour would be a deep blue, this would be to represent water and cleanliness while still making the bottle look strong on the edges. The cap is a matt black this makes it easy to understand where the bottle is opened. The matt black also expresses the broadness of the top of the bottle further involving the interaction between the users and the bottle. The colour of the strips of the bottle (not on model see A4 page next to the model) is a teal, this was not represented on the model because the colour was not available so a picture representing it was best though to show its aesthetic quality’s on the product; this natural colour creates somewhat of an organic feel to the product implying the fresh nature and smell of the body wash. The font colours are a simple back a white with the type of body wash begin represented by teal. This contrast of colour makes the text pop and attracts the attention of consumers to the product.
PLA was firstly considered to be used on the product. This was because it was a biodegradable material making it environmentally friendly but it is also expensive. The Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash could then have had a afterlife use, so once the product had been finished the bottle could have been placed in a compost bin or either in the garden to feed some plants and soil. Although after consideration and research into Old Spice it was considered that being environmentally friendly is not one of the main focuses of Old Spice, so this idea was dismissed. The next material that was considered was PET this material suited the design very well. The strong properties of material make it durable for its purpose and its non-toxic natural makes it safe to use. PET is also recyclable so if the consumer is concerned about the environment they can still recycle the product if need be.
The Cap
The cap has a special feature when opened. The cap is a normal flip top cap but once opened the consumer has a choice of the amount of body wash that comes out of the bottle. This is controlled by a vector switch similar to those on a camera. There will be three settings Suave; for the elegant sophisticated male, Manly; those males who are strong and courageous, and satisfying; for everyday satisfactory use. Suave will be the highest setting, followed by manly and then satisfying which is for everyday use. The control for this feature will be a small switch which is move forward and backward next to the distribution of the body wash. This feature gives the uses a setting for their amount of use of body wash to be used while showering. If one day they decide to use Suave for a special occasion they can easily change the setting to the preferred one and then back to either manly or satisfying.
On the market at the moment there are some competitors to Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash. These competitors include Lynx, Nivea, Dove and Gillette. These competitors all have special feature that easily distinguishes them from the others. This is why Old Spice needs to be innovative other than just staying with the original design. This could attract new customers making to Brand grow and make considerable profits. With new innovations and designs Old Spice can be one of the leaders in men’s body wash in the world.

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