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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project One: Sheet Material

The inspiration that drove the design was quite simple. I had two concepts ready to present although we needed a third. So I searched the house looking for a product that I could design. I walked into the lounge room and started watching television. After about 10 minutes I became thirsty so I went to the kitchen and got a drink of water. I sat back down on the lounge and saw a small table next to the lounge hold the remotes so I placed my glass of water on the same table. This is where I thought of the design for the Curve Acrylic Table.
The design progressed after the first week and the other concepts were dismissed. Models of the design were made to find form and shape of the design. Once models were complete the design seemed to progress rapidly. A trip to the company Plastix finalized the choice of clear acrylic for the table to be made out of. The first design I presented to Plastix was given a quote on and it came to $850 which was far too expensive. The people at Plastix explained why the cost was so high, the curves on this design were large and would require a lot of work and bending. So the design was rethought and tighter radiuses were included in to the design and the next design was sent to Plastix. A second quote of $330 was then given and the go ahead was given for the design to be made.
Once the final product was complete and picked up it seemed to not be exactly what I had designed. Although this annoyed me I could not change the table because it was already made. The Curve Acrylic Table although was still beautiful and affluent which I quite liked. The table is meant to be placed next to your lounge or arm chair and drinks are placed on the top and magazines and remotes can be placed in the gap below the table top. This makes the design a multi-functional product which has exquisite aesthetics and shape.

This design was not able tobe made because of expense. This is further explained in the rationale

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