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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project two: Upcycling

This product was made firstly as a hammock although major implications processed it to be made into a room divider/ screen door. The product is especially made from old vhs tape film. This tape was plaited together to give the main strands and allow other lengths of tape to be weaved to combine the screen. By making this product less waste goes to land fill because of the lengths f tape used. Although the casings of the tapes are discarded they can be easily recycled into newer products. To be mass produced the room divider/ screen door would need long hours of plaiting down so either by hand or machine. If the room divider/ screen door were completed by a machine the screen would be always evenly weaved and quite quick to be made. Made by hand the screen would be a little more uneven and take much longer to make. The tape could also be used to make other similar hanging product like a hammock, and shower screen. the rolls from the inside of the vhs tapes gives a reference to the user of where this material has come from if that is not known. The vhs tape has been played many times over the years but has not been played in the sense of a product because the room divider/ screen door creates a bit of irony between the product and the user. This is because vhs tapes are normally meant to be watched not prohibit someone’s view or block sight from something. There is further irony because vhs tapes could have been films something worth watching and pleasant to view but now as a door there is no sense of watching or attraction to watch it more prevents from watching and enjoying. Vhs tapes would be widely available from any movie rental outlet; because most people are converting to dvd or bluray vhs tapes will be phased out and not used anymore.


  1. I think this is a really interesting product lukas. I think that as a usable product the design of the screen would need to be rethought before trying to market it. Perhaps with different methods of construction, like knitting or crocheting, the screen could appear more decorative. However, from a theoretical view point, you've clearly thought deeply about how this new product can act as an extension and distortion of the original object. I like your poetic reversal of a video's purpose: creating a screen to discourage watching rather than entice viewers to look.

  2. As i saw you in the process of the product it was shame it didnt turn out how it was intended would of been awesome to see the hammock but the screen divider has elements of the 60's integrated into it which i found really cool and the whole complexity of the weaving was interesting well done mate =D

  3. I really liked the idea and I personally would buy a finished product of this. Its unfortunate it didnt get finished because it had alot of potential and the amount of work you put in it was not really seen in the product. But either way I think the use of materials is great. Good job dude.

  4. My heart goes out to you man after watching you weave for so long. this could have been one of the best products on the day but i think you were just beaten by the clock. If you were to attempt this again with two people you would definitely be able to achieve what you set out to do. your choice of material what the most daring of any i saw and for that i think you should be proud of what you were able to achieve.