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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Philippe Starck: Design for Life

Philippe Starck what a legend. This man is one of the most talented designers in the world but has humbleness when working on a new concept. This series gave a great insight into his way of approaching design and the design process. After watching my insight to the world of design has broadened. Starck describes his team of designers as a “tribe” he says “without the energy of the tribe we are nothing, I am nothing” Stark seems to embrace collaborative design by using tribe to describe his team. This is what I think is very fundamental in design and the process of design.

Creating a new product is a long and hard process; there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. This is very well expressed in the series and it teaches designers what they need to do to achieve a successful design. The series illustrated to me that how much thought actually goes into just one design and how much it changes. I have always thought that the design should feed of one original design but designers can take a large influence from different elements of the world finding inspiration from the littlest of things. This can help designers to expresses these certain elements of the world through their designs.

Design for Life also gives a vision of how designs are critiqued and judged by others in the profession. Philippe seems to be critiquing all the designs harshly although it expresses that in the real world of design all designs will be critiqued in the same manner. Many designers take this criticism very personally where as in Design for Life many of the contestants seem not to take this criticism personally it’s just their design being critiqued. This can help designer that think this criticism is personal to view this criticism as good criticism because for me it expresses certain aspects to be improved in a design not what the design has done wrong.

To work with Philippe Starck would be an honor. Not knowing much about him starting this year after reading books with him and his designs in it and after watching Design for Life he has made a real impact on me. The way he goes about his work is what intrigues me the most I think. He seems so relaxed and at home with his work, yes at times I do believe he does get stressed and angry but who doesn’t. Overall he seems to be a well thought out designer and understands where design is heading and how it can influence the world.

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