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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gary Hutstwit: Objectified

In our everyday life we use objects that have a subconscious connection with us. We do not realize this connection because the object we are using is design is a specific way to make us use these objects without realizing. These objects where made the way they are because the designer has considered the form, shape, texture, and colour, and size to fit the particular object. The designer is creating a communication through these subconscious connections between people and objects allowing a personal interaction. This personal interaction is only noticed when there is a bad design. The design seems unpractical for its purpose and therefore discarding any interaction a person can have with the object.

Design now is more concern with the environment not just an object. When industrial design was first practiced the designers used any material without thinking of the consequences. Although now the vision of the world has changed and objects are designed to be more environmentally friendly and have a lower consider materials and processes that will have a lower environmental impact. These consideration restrict designer but in a way makes the designs better not only for the environment but how unique the object or products is.

Society always wants the new things, the newest car, newest iPod, and newest skateboard. This however can never be achieved. Once a design is processed and made it becomes out date, why? Because once that new product or object is made there will be another product or object similar to the new one being made. Thus making the newly made and finished product out dated therefore there is this ever revolving cycle of products always being design. This is all brought upon society by the corporations. Designer don’t personally fund their project (well the more famous ones do), corporations hand designers a check and ask for a new product line or to design an existing product.

As designers we need to broaden our understanding of why a product is made, what is its intentions and why we need it. This can help designers to understand whether their design is making an impact on society and whether or not they are creating change because of the usage of their product. This can be judged on whether a design is good or bad. Designers need to be wary of the consequences of a design whether it has a positive impact or negative impact on society.

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