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Monday, September 20, 2010

Experience Enrichment

Product Rationale
Wave wax comb
The wax comb has help surfers for many years to get in the water and experience the waves. There are many different designs of wax comb all completing the same task. Although most wax combs are very masculine with hard dark colours and features bottle openers, and there are mostly male dominated brands such as Mr Zog Sex Wax Combs there is no product in the market for girls. This design is different; it takes into account the female surfing community. The design helps girls to have a personal piece of equipment in their surfing inventory. This personalization is with the jewellery attachment which can be altered to fit the likes of the user. The curved back of the wax comb fits nicely in the hand making the stroking movement of waxing a surfboard a more comfortable experience.
The overall aesthetics of the Wave Wax Comb is important as it sparks interest in what it is and does. This product is not to just leave in your board shorts and taken out when needed like most wax combs around. This is meant to be seen, meant to be shown off. Most girls enjoy show the new and latest thing available for them to their friends and when it’s personalized they feel a connection between the product and themselves making the experience or using it better.
The Wave Wax Comb can help the female surfing community to develop into a larger force. With an introduction of this product it could encourage more girls to hit the water and go surfing. This increase of the female surfing community could make them equal to that of the males growing the sport more globally.
While waxing your surfboard with the Wave Wax Comb it makes the surfer amped on getting in the water and because of its ease of use there is less time spent waxing and more surfing. this makes the product not only and enriching experience but shortens the time spent on the beach and more in the ocean enjoying one of the best sports around.


  1. I love it i think its beautiful i want one and i cant even stand up on a surfboard. I don't see anything that i think needs improving i think if it was on the market heaps of girls would buy it well done i think it's awesome

  2. I like how it is shaped so that it is clear what its purpose is and how you are meant to hold it. Its also attractive and ornamental, so i agree that it definitely fits the market you intended it for.
    I think that it would be enhanced by incorporating some branding to fit with the idea that it is for show, as the market may tend to want to show off their designer products and it also creates more awareness for your product

  3. I think what makes this product successful is that you have really thought about a target market. by introducing a product to a new market, you are establishing a monopoly over potential competitors. The overall form really resembles what you set out to achieve. I really like the fact that it can also be perceived to be an accessory. I think if this came in a variety of colours, it could really do well.

  4. I'm assuming that the jewellery is of a durable metal that won't rust, and that the jewellery is securely attached and 'accidentally' come off? Your design is just so BEAUTIFUL Lucas, I wouldn't want to lose any of it on the go! Branding and a colour range would be great too (this blue is good) as Henry and Mikee suggested.

    I WANT ONE! :) I had a look at the other surf keys on the market and they're just ugly. If only I surfed more. Great job!

  5. I like that you've taken an area you're interested in but haven't purely focused on creating a product for yourself and that you've focused on making a product for women in a male dominated sport. I think your design is nice and simple and reflects it's environment of use very well. well done