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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Design Career

The start of my design career began mid way through my high school years at St Peter’s Catholic College. My interest in design grew in year 11 and 12 through my involvement in Design and Technology. This subject allowed me to combine my passion for bodyboarding into the design world. The major design project allowed me to work with one of the industry’s top professional bodyboard shaper/designer which intrigued me further to be involved in the design world.

Upon completing high school I needed to make a decision of what next to do with my life. I knew that I a job in design was suitable for me and design and Technology was my first preference after finishing school. Once the ATAR scores were released and my option for a career choice became broader the next decision was to choose a course to do at university. I had seen Industrial Design being offered at UTS and after researching the course it seemed perfect for me. Although the ATAR score required to be accepted was too high and Newcastle University my first choice of university not offering the course it seemed like I was not able to do the course. After receiving a letter in the mail granting me four extra ATAR point if I selected a course at UNSW I began to search design course available here. Once I saw UNSW offered Industrial Design and with the extra ATAR point I had the required mark to be accepted I placed it as my first preference on my UAC application.

I wish to become a designer because I am interested in designing new innovations and technologies within the sport of bodyboarding. I aspire to enter the bodyboarding industry because for the past 10 years the sport has been my passion and I believe in the future I will have the skill, knowledge, and potential to produce high quality products and innovations to the bodyboarding world. Through designing new innovations and technologies in the bodyboarding industry I could help develop the sport to become main stream and seen as a major world sport equal to surfing. This could result in more people around the world experiencing bodyboarding and others can have the same excitement and adventure that I have experienced through this sport.

My future in design will hopefully be beneficial to the broader community and help improve people’s lives through the enjoyment of bodyboarding. Whilst growing up bodyboarding played a major part in my life being in the water almost every weekend I was able to spend most my time away from the busy nature of life and stress of everyday life. This helped me to be more calm and collected in my process of thinking and when things get a little too busy and stressful the ocean is always there to escape to and forget the stresses of life. Hopefully through design others can have the similar adventures and excitement that I have experience through my many years of bodyboarding.


  1. Whilst reading your blog you are very reassured that you want to become an industrial designer as your passion for bodyboarding has guided you to follow this area of design. You write with confidence showing that you will strive to become a successful industrial designer in the future.

  2. I'd love to see you design something to do with bodyboarding especially since you make it sound so awesome wat did u design for yr 11 and 12? Good luck with your dreams :)

  3. Cycling is my body boarding man. Words can't come close to describe how much it does for me/you.

  4. good to see you can combine your interests and through this course extend on your passion for the future

  5. It is interesting to learn that you are already focused on entering into the bodyboarding design side of things. As you have a passion for this sport, you will have a lot of product knowledge in this area which will be beneficial for the design or redesign of future products targeted towards this industry.