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Monday, August 2, 2010

David Kelly: Human Centered Design

Human centered design focuses more on the interaction between people and the product. From the video David Kelly mentions that at the first TED there was more of a focus on “products or objects”. As the years progressed design has evolved to focus more on the inclusion of behaviors and personalities in product that are designed. Before 3D modeling and rendering were primarily used to show consumers how the product looks and functions. Although now we see that there needs to be a different way to communicate these ideas. Using short videos David explains how human centered designs work with the consumer rather than just showing a product and its functions. This develops a more man-machine relationship giving a broader definition of design within products, services and environments.

Through the short promotional videos we see how products are being designed to allow the consumer to interact with the products. In the design of Prada’s new store there is a cultural role played by the store itself. Whereas the consumer also sees the Prada store as playing a retail role. This is achieve through the development of custom technology around the store such as screens displaying information of colours, sizes and appearance on different clothing item in the change rooms after the electronic tags have been scanned.

The spyfish underwater camera is a human centered design giving the feeling of being underwater to the consumer. The consumer interacts with the screen remote and sounds to provide the feeling of being underwater. Although similar to a research tool the spyfish is not intended for that use but it still has the capability of diving 500 feet which is abnormal to actually accomplish while scuba diving. The video says that you can “completely loose yourself underwater”. Although this product I believe would, yes give you the same feeling of being underwater but it certainly would not provide the whole experience of weightlessness and the interaction you have with nature around you. For this reason I believe that the design was made to provide the feeling of being immersed through human centered design despite the fact you are not achieving the full experience of diving.

Watching this video it is clear human centered design in our modern world today is important in the progress of design. It can bring the world of consumers closer to nature and products they buy and use day to day. Through human centered design we can also reach out to the less fortunate in our world and help improve their living condition. We still need to consider though the actual experience of some activities and not let products take over the actual human involvement that is needed for a full experience however keep human centered design as a focus for designs in the future.

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