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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rationale PPS


The GreenCart is a product service system which provides the user with a bin, tool bag, 2 telescopic handles, hessian bag, and garden cart station. The user takes these things home as well as a bag of organic fertilizer  The fertilizer is given the customer so their garden can grow better and secure a future purchase hire. The hirer has to pick up the GreenCart from the service station which I though was convenient because there is a various service stations situated around the Sydney region. This will allow consumers very easy access to the GreenCart and imminent rehire.
I thought of this idea because many people don’t have the space needed in their backyard to store the tools, and if they have tools they are usually left in the elements and become broken or rusted quickly. This means a frequent repurchase of products that could have lasted longer. With a frequent repurchase of items there is a constant flow of waste being produce which has detrimental effects.
The bin sections on the GreenCart has a locking mechanism for the hessian bag. The hessian bag is inserted into groves and either a polypropylene ring or disc is inserted into the area left. I used a snap fit fastening system so there is no need for fastens and the product can be easily disassembled. So once the product is obsolete it can be easily dismantled and recycled.
Standard wheel barrow wheels were the choice of wheel so replacement is easy. I use a wheel barrow wheel because it is a standard and means if broken the wheels can be replaced easily.
The whole product can be recycled because all materials used are recyclable. The bin frame and ring and disc for holding the hessian bag in place are all injection molded polypropylene. The snap fit mechanism for holding the bin is friction connected to the main frame and cannot be removed. This section is also injection molded polypropylene meaning it can be recycled easily.  The frame of the bin is connected to a 40mm pipe made from stainless steel which will not rust and weather easily meaning a longer lasting product. Once the product is obsolete the frame can be recycled meaning a 100% recyclable product.
I design this product to be used by people with medium to large gardens in the Sydney area. The main users for the product will be elderly and gardening enthusiasts. These people will either be able to take the GreenCart on the bus and in the car. This product service system will provide people with the essentials to maintain their garden and keep it looking nice minimizing the need for tools that are only used on occasion and freeing up space in the garden for leisurely activities. It is as environmentally friendly as possible making it an all green product.

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