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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video Reflection

“An inconvenient truth” is a movie filled with knowledge and lessons. The film reflects on the work done by Ail Gore to help the environment and let it flourish. Throughout the film Gore reflects and explains the environmental impacts that global warming has caused to the earth. He does this through the use of videos, stories and relevant information that supports his findings and support the idea for global warming. He keeps referring to the cause of global warming as us as humans, we need to change, we need to do something.
I find that this film would be relevant to industrial designers because it expresses the need for more sustainable design within society. The film expresses to designers that the need for more environmentally friendly designs is needed more than ever in today’s society. Gore helps to clarify why and what the effects of global warming has done to our plant over last few decades, which helps to determine why as designers we need to change the way society uses and disposes of products so that more sustainable products can be designed.
The film was very intuitive and gave me a new insight on to the way the earth worlds and what our impacts are on it. From the film I gathered that as a race we as one must do things and help change the world. Even though we have no say in the running of all the countries we as humans can have an impact on what the course of history will be. I found from the video that the governments and businesses who hold the global economy don’t care what the effects of global warming is or what it is doing to our society but rather if their profit has increase and they can afford that new corporate jet. From the film I found that the upper class of society is fine with global warming until it becomes an issue but as long as it is no issue these companies will continue to pollute until told otherwise by the government or the environment screaming at them to stop. This is an alarming thing to consider because as the issue and effects of global warming will continue on the earth until something is done to combat this ecological change.
Although global warming is very much relevant today I found that Ail Gore continue to refer to scientific information not seen by the public or seen for the first time. This makes me think that do people know about this phenomenon? Do people know whether or not they act upon this event in human history? Or if they care about global warming? These question need to be addressed and the public needs to be more well informed about the issues affecting global warming and how we as a society can do something to change our way of living.
We are living in an anthroprocene in our era we need to consider our impact on the earth and how we treat our planet. As a designer we need to be wary of the impacts and implications our designs have on society and the environment, we need to design for recycling and reusability. Through design we can change the way society views and act in this world and help preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy and marvel at its beauty. 

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